Do's and Don'ts for Nonprofits in an Election Year
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Do's and Don'ts for Nonprofits in an Election Year
WMVDo's and Don'ts for Nonprofits in an Election Year
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The Coalition on Human Needs, the Half in Ten campaign, The Leadership Conference on Civil 
and Human Rights and the Children’s Leadership Council have partnered to provide a valuable 
resource to our local partners, members, and allies about what not-for-profit organizations 
(501C3’s) can do during election years. 

During the webinar, the Alliance for Justice will educate you and your organization about what 
actions are legally permissible during an election year, especially as you plan possible 
activities and opportunities to lift the anti-poverty frame. You’ll get AFJ’s advice about allowable 
activities during this election year and practical examples of things your organization can do.
Speakers include:

Abby Levine, Alliance for Justice, the acknowledged experts about nonprofit advocacy law and rules, and

Mary Lou Beaver, Every Child Matters New Hampshire, with examples of C3 nonprofit activity before the recent primary.

Melissa Boteach, Half in Ten Campaign: moderator

Half in Ten does not provide legal advice. The information provided during the webinar is being provided for informational purposes only and not as part of an attorney-client relationship. The information is not a substitute for expert legal, tax, or other professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances, and may not be relied upon for the purposes of avoiding any penalties that may be imposed under the Internal Revenue Code.

Webinar Information
Webinar Date:
January 31, 2012