The New Poverty Data:  Using it to Show What Works (and What Doesn't) to Reduce Poverty

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CHN's annual webinar training on the use of the new Census Bureau data about poverty, income, health insurance, and much more:  you'll learn what it’s likely to show and how you can get and use national, state, and local data.  As a participant, you will get prepared for the September 16 and 18 release of data from 2013, helping you to find out whether poverty is decreasing, rising, or stuck in the same place. You'll also learn about many other questions the Census surveys answer related to income, educational attainment, housing costs, health coverage, SNAP use, and more.  All webinar registrants will receive timely follow-up information before and after the data is released. 


Jared Bernstein:  What the Data are Likely to Show.  Jared is an economist and frequent commentator on CNBC, MSNBC, in the New York Times, and through his own blog, On the Economy(More:  see Presenters tab.)

Christian Dorsey:  Moderator. Christian, Director of External and Government Affairs at the Economic Policy Institute, will moderate the discussion and lead audience Q&A. An expert in community development, housing, inequality, and public economics, Christian is a frequent voice on television and radio with his analysis appearing in a variety of media, including The Washington Post.(More:  see Presenters tab.)

Deborah Weinstein:  How to Get and Use the Data.  Debbie is Executive Director of the Coalition on Human Needs.  She has been analyzing the Census data for decades, and specializes in helping advocates nationwide to use the data. (More:  see Presenters tab.)

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September 11, 2014 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour, 15 minutes
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The New Poverty Data: Using it to Show What Works (and What Doesn't) to Reduce Poverty
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