The New Congress: How it Plans to Cut And How to Fight Back
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 Affordable Care Act.  Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, SSI.  Tax rates for the wealthy and corporations.  The new Congress wants to repeal, restrict and/or cut all of these.  How will they use their rules to try to carry all this out?  And how will Senators who oppose these goals try to stop the cuts?

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Ellen Nissenbaum, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Deborah Weinstein, Coalition on Human Needs
Representative Jim McGovern
Moderator:  Ellen Teller, Food Research and Action Center

What you’ll learn:

The new Congress will try to repeal the Affordable Care Act in January, so President Trump can sign it soon after his inauguration, and enact some kind of replacement later.  They will use budget rules to try to get the repeal done with a simple majority.  Ellen Nissenbaum, a renowned expert on the congressional budget rules, will explain how the rules work, and what leverage points may exist for opponents.  Some actions can pass with only 51 Senators; many others require 60 votes to pass.  These rules affect the strategies over plans to cut/restrict critically important human needs programs, as well as gigantic tax cut proposals.  Advocates need to understand the rules, to work effectively with congressional allies to hold off extreme proposals.  Deborah Weinstein will talk about advocacy strategies we can use together.

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Seminar Date:
December 16, 2016